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The Local Development Plan

The new Local Development Plan 2021-2033 contains significant changes to the status of Llanteg where the property is situated, Under the existing plan Llanteg is listed as a small village, the lowest category in the settlement hierarchy, Under the proposals for the 2021 LDP it is has been upgraded to a service village. This is significant because it gives guidelines to the planning authorities on the amount of development encouraged-effectively more development 'will be located in settlements which are at a Service Village level or higher within the Settlement Hierarchy.'

p10 Pembrokeshire County Council Deposit LDP 2017-33.

The full current LDP & the proposed’ Deposit LDP 2017-2033 & copies of salient pages therein, can be viewed & downloaded below

The LDP & Llanteg

The settlement hierarchy & the position of Llanteg therein can be viewed in the adjacent screenshots: The current L.D.P. 2013-2021 & the Deposit LDP 2021-33. Both documents are available for downoad in full below.

Download LDPs

The Deposit LDP 2021-33. can be downloade from the button below.

It is also available on the

Pembrokeshire County Council Website.

At the time of writing it could be downloaded


Download Deposit LDP 2021-33

The current L.D.P. 2013-2021 can be downloaded from the button below.

They are also available on the Pembrokeshire County Council Website.

At the time of writing the adopted plan could be downloaded


Download Current LDP to 2021


Proposed ’super hospital'

The local health board has proposed a new ‘urgent & planned care hospital between Narberth & St Clears.’ A distance of 5 mls from the property. Currenly the nearest large hospital is the West Wales General Hospital only 18 miles away in Carmarthen.

The plan involves downgrading the existing hospitals in Carmarthen & Haverfordwest & building the superhospital in between the two towns.

A project of such magnitude, bringing numerous high salary medical, administrative & executive jobs closer to the area will have obvious ramifications for housing demand, Such a move should provide support for the local housing market in future years, particularly for ‘higher end’ properties in the coastal belt.

More information can be found at

Our Big NHS Change Report of Finding

Hywel Dda University Health Board | Discover the Future

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